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This site is dedicated to my 1978 Ford Pinto coupe and it's conversion to 351 Windsor E.F.I. power
This is what the Pinto looked like when i bought it in 2001, the body was good the engine was pretty much scrap and it needed alot of TLC!
On a side note, the "RED ROCKET" got it's name from my five year old son, Jaden. One day he just started calling the Pinto the red rocket....and it stuck!
My buddy, Frank and i pulled the old tired 351 carbed motor out, and I started the cleanup of the Pinto wiring.  I moved all the wiring into the inner fenders to clean up the appearance and also to make room for the fuel injection harness. The computer for the EFI was mounted under the dash, where the heater box used to be. Removing the heater box gives you all kinds of room under the dash!
Next, iI turned my attention to the engine itself.
At the same time, I had the C5 tranny rebuilt adding extra clutches and A Transgo shift kit for firm shifts. A 2500 stall torque convertor was also used. I didn't want to go too wild with the stall, as this car is for the street. Looking back....i should have bought A 3000 or 3200 stall  to help with the launches when i take it to the track! Hind sight they say is 20/20!
Here are a couple of pictures of the engine in the car, the upper intake had not been completed yet, and alot of the engine wiring and hookup still needed to be done. The first picture has the old carb intake on it, I just used that intake to lower the engine into the car with a carb plate.
These pictures show the upper intake that was made for it....mainly to let the engine fit under the scoop that is allready on the car as there just isn't alot of room underhood!
Here are a few shots of the car completed, it took a few tries to get the engine to start and run as i had reversed the firing order, thinking the distributor rotated the other way. (the 340 i in my Barracuda rotated in the opposite direction, thats why i did it)
Below is the interior, it is basically stock except for the tack, Pro Ratchet shifter and a small air/fuel meter mounted to the steering column.  The gauges are mounted in the flat spot above the glove box and below the dashpad. Switches are now located where the heater controls used to be. The trunk houses the fuel cell, it has been built into a tub where the spare tire well would have been. The battery is next to it, bolted firmly to the floor and covered by a cheap Marine type battery box. Also visible is the emergency battery shut off switch sticking out beside the right tailight.
My first trip to the local dragstrip was  a bit dissapointing for me as i thought it would be a bit quicker than it was. It turns out my custom upper intake is really hurting my low end torque. With that is my best time 12.777@105.7MPH with a 1.777 60FT time.
-  '84 351W block bored .30 over
-  KB hyperutectic pistons
-  shot peaned truck rod with ARP bolts
-  stock cast crank turned .10/.10
-  '84 351 heads, 1.94 1.60 chev valves, ported
-  Scorpion 1:6 roller rockers with screw in studs
-  Comp Cams # 35-242-3 intake .510 exhaust .512
-  truck lower with custom upper intake
-  Marauder twin bore 57mm throttle body
-  80mm mas air meter with 9 inch K&N cone filter
-  FM 24lb injectors with billet adjustable fuel pressure regulator
-  '89 Mustang wiring loom and EEC4 computer
-  C5 tranny rebuilt with 6 extra clutch disks and a Transgo shift kit
-  2500 stall (its a street car!)
-  9 inch rear with mini spooled 4:11 gears
-  M/T 26X10.5X15 ET streets  (they work great)
-  Weld Pro Stars
-  Hooker Headers


-  World Products Windsor Sr. heads (Dart) 2.02  1.60 going on soon
-  351 Lightning lower and '93 Cobra upper going on soon, both have been Extrude Honed
-  75mm Professional Products throttle body going on soon
-  76mm C&L mass air meter and Power Elbow going on soon

11's.....HERE I COME!
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